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Join our growing community, show the world your mad skills, network, market your own business, but most importantly, have fun while doing! If you've ever thought about teaching your own class, what are you waiting for?!

Why Level Up?

    • Intuitive Self-Onboarding and Guided Class Creation Process
    • Options to Teach Live-Online or In-Person
    • Access to 1:1 Teacher Support (with an actual human!)
    • Cross-promotion through Level Up brand and teacher-shared audience 
    • Teacher Resources and Community
    • Women-Founded, Latinx-Owned





Live-Online courses are taught live via Zoom. Typically a live-online class ranges from 45-90 minutes depending on the subject and is structured with Q&A to encourage learner participation and feedback for the participants. Class size is determined by the teacher and can range from 1 to 50. While there can be pre-recorded aspects as part of the Zoom share, you will be live presenting for a more direct, interactive experience. 



In-Person courses are pop-up style events hosted at your own brick-and-mortar location or one of our approved Host Partners venues in select cities (if your city isn’t on this list don’t worry we are expanding locations when the pandemic allows in 2021!).

Typically for our In-Person classes, teachers provide the materials and include them in your ticket price. Length ranges from 1.5 - 2.5 hours depending on the subject and is structured with Q&A to encourage learner participation and feedback for the participants.  Class size is determined by the teacher but we do have a cap at 25 people to promote intimate learning experiences.

With the pandemic, please be aware all Host Partners are expected to abide by state guidelines. Learners and teachers are asked to mask up when not able to be socially distant.



Most in-person classes are hosted by Host Partners -  collaborating venues who support our mission -  and offer teachers a pre-negotiated rental rate some of them even offer the spaces free of charge!  Once your teacher profile is approved, you will have access to our Host Partner roster in select cities. You can request space and coordinate directly from your teacher dashboard. 



All Level Up teachers make 80% of their sales with a 20% service fee to Level Up.

Teachers are paid through Paypal (Goods and Services) which is synced with our platform. Each pay period, you will be paid the appropriate percentage for all class ticket sales that took place within that pay period.  Our pay periods are the 1st and 15th of every month. The cut off for a class is 24 hours prior to the pay period, so 1st through the 14th is paid out on the 15th and 15th through the end of the month is paid out on the 1st. 



Level Up is a tool for teachers to use to share their passion. Self-promoting is important to the success of your classes. We help support you with a resource center complete with marketing mini-strategies, brand kits, digital assets, and more! 

Teachers enjoy the perk of our teacher-shared audience and brand cross-promotion for our marketplace of classes.



Teachers are supported, not held back. We don't ask for contracts or quotas. Period.


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