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Find the Perfect Furniture to Restore in Louisville

After you've been cooped up all winter, you may be looking at your old furniture in the bright light of spring and feeling like it's time for a change. But your bank account says otherwise. No worries! You still have options. 

Nancy Kiesow-Webb and Beth Myers from Gather are teaching our furniture makeover workshop Monday, April 23rd, and Beth was gracious enough to share some tips on the best places around Louisville to find the perfect fixer-upper furniture on the low-low.


Your Parent's Place

Beth suggests you start your search in mom and/or dad's basement or attic. Parents can usually be relied on to be hanging onto some gems from their early years. That retro 70s orange dresser might be salvageable after a coat of paint in this year's Pantone color – You never know!

Estate Sales

My mom always says, "You can't take it with you." Which means that estate sales can be a primo place to find that gently used table that can't wait to be the new star of your dining room. You can find local estate sales by visiting:

Online Auctions

Have you all heard about "Everything But the House?" It's an online auction site out of Cincy that helps you bid on must-haves in your area. Their platform is easy to use, really safe, and take all the mystery out of bidding on things at auction. 

Annie's Attic & Peddler's Mall

If you're out and about around the city and just hoping for something to catch your eye, Beth suggests dropping by Annie's Attic and Peddler's Mall for those one-of-a-kind finds that could use a little TLC from you.

Oh, Make Me Over

Not sure what to do once you've saved a bit of treasure from the trash heap? Enroll in our furniture makeover class now to learning everything you need to know. And when you get signed up early, you can save $10!

Minda is Level Up's Content Maven and Blog Goddess. She has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Louisville – Go Cards! – and a master of fine arts degree in Creative Writing. When she is not wordsmithing for Level Up, she writes content for startups and she is LEO Weekly's relationship advice columnist.

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