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Getting into Juicing? Try These 3 Tips!

We are so in love with the new Weekly Juicery location in NuLu, but we can't always get over there. So we asked Dr. Troy to give us some tips for getting the most out of juicing when we're juicing at home. And we're totally sharing them with all of you. But if you really want to be an expert in juicing and blending, you should take Dr. Troy's class next Wednesday. There's still a few spots left.

For the Best Juice, Use the Best Fruit

Dr. Troy's number one tip for juicing is, "Always try to use local and/or organic ingredients: This makes for best flavor, assures there are no unnatural preservatives, and of course, we love supporting our local businesses and farms." We know our friends over at Rainbow Blossom would love to see you!

There's a Juice for That

Dr. Troy recommends syncing your juice with your schedule, "Different types of juices and ingredients for different times: Lemon is great in the morning for waking up your digestive system and boosting your energy. Coconut is a great for hydrating- so post work out!" Dr. Troy even calls coconut natures' Gatorade.

Photo by Ernest Porzi on Unsplash

Apples Do More Than Keep the Doctor Away

Dr. Troy is all about apples, which is perfect for fall, "Apples make everything sweeter. They're great for cutting the bitterness out some harsher ingredients, like kale. So if you're having trouble with a not so great tasting juice or shake, add an apple!"

Want more tips? Enroll in Dr. Troy's juicing and blending class before Friday to save $10.

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