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(M)Eat Local: Humane, Ethical, Responsibly Sourced Meat in Louisville

Level Up is so thrilled to have Maggie Keith of Foxhollow Farm as a teacher – Have you seen the video we did with Maggie? The rest of the series is coming soon

Image courtesy of Foxhollow Farm

One of Maggie’s major passions in life is sourcing Louisville with 100% grass-fed beef. And she’s not alone in her mission to put mindful meat on your plate. Here are a few other places around Louisville to experience high-quality, responsibly-raised meat.


Red Hog

Red Hog on Frankfort Avenue, brought to by the same people behind Blue Dog Bakery, specializes in artisan meats. They are Louisville’s first “Whole animal butcher shop” and pride themselves on only serving up meat from farms that are sustainable, ethical and humane. You can pop in to see them for fresh cuts or cured meats or to have a meal in their restaurant.


Commonwealth Cure

Commonwealth Cure are the local masters of charcuterie. Although their retail space is currently under construction, you can still get slices of their goods from several places around town, including Rainbow Blossom and Fond. They will also whip up something-something for your special events. Their offerings range from sausages to sliced meats.



Frank’s is straight up old school! You can roll in and order something low-key like the bologna sandwich, revisit childhood with a Sloppy Joe or really chow down on a burger. And don’t forget to grab a few steaks to grill up back home. Don’t let their sparsely populated Facebook page fool you, Frank’s is a popular lunch spot. Check out what Heidi from Style Blueprint had to say about her scrumptious lunch stop.



Kingsley’s is your surf and turf dream come true. Not only does this family-owned butcher have aged prime beef on hand, they also have fresh seafood flown in daily. With their focus on customer service, you can feel comfortable bringing them all your beginner questions. They are caterers too, so putting the cooking in their hands for your next fine affair.


The Butcher Babe

Louisville’s own Butcher Babe, Chef Loreal Gavin, just released her first cookbook. It’s sure to be your guide to getting your meat cooked up just right, plus sides, desserts and cocktails too. Chef Gavin is a huge proponent of responsibly-sourced meat and supporting your local butchers. She’s also hosting dining events and cooking classes. Check out her website for more info.



Vegetarians and vegans, I didn’t forget about you! Get that deli experience without compromising your morals by eating at Morel’s. Morel’s calls itself “Vegan Food that Doesn’t Suck” and I agree. Not only can you get a satisfying meal there, like their Farby, you can also get vegan deli meats and cheeses to go. Morel’s is a great addition to Baxter Avenue.


Check our upcoming class schedule regularly to catch the next class led by Maggie on sustainably sourced meat and learn how to make sure you’re only eating the best meat the region has to offer.

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