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Spring Cleaning Doesn't Mean Getting Rid of Your New Year's Resolutions!

Aside from a surprise snow storm (or two), spring is finally here in Kentucky! Laura Weldy, the Well Supported Woman, is coming to town Saturday, March 24th to lead a Vision Boards 101 class to help all of you have your most creative year possible! I asked Laura about why spring is the perfect time to recommit to your ambitions.

laura weldy vision board class

Why Spring?

Laura says:

Spring is the perfect time to recommit because we've been through a few months of trial and error - which means we know how difficult or intimidating sticking to our goals can feel. This is where most people fall off the wagon - and instead, we're using that as an opportunity to adjust, recommit and move forward. It's also a great time seasonally - because we're in sync with the natural cycle of the seasons. 

Why shouldn't I Give Up?

Laura says:

I think revisiting, clarifying and recommitting to your intentions and goals is necessary and powerful every season. We are not stuck in any one version of ourselves - it's part of the beauty of humanity that we shift and change along with our circumstances. But the revisiting process gives us a chance to call ourselves back to home, back to the ideals that so lit us up when we started, and can reinvigorate us with that feeling that comes only from striving for something bigger and better for ourselves. 

How Can I Find Balance Between My Professional and Personal Goals?

Laura Says:

I'd love the attendees to see this workshop as a beautiful excercise for both their businesses or their personal life - or both, if they're an entrepreneur like me! I typically work with successful creative entrepreneurs who identify as women, and I think the idea of setting intentions and visualizing them can feel very natural for our business and is easily forgotten when it comes to personal goals. Both matter! So I'd encourage attendees to come with an open mind, and know that I'll guide them through a loosely structured process of setting intentions in several areas of their life - no need to have it all figured out ahead of time. 
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