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Success Story: Welcome Sweet June Bakery to Level Up!

Just last fall, Preston Fouts was like any other Level Up first-timer – a little nervous and A LOT excited about taking her first class – and now she's our new cookie decorating instructor! Check out Preston's success story and help us welcome her to our amazing team of teachers! 

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How'd teaching your first cookie decorating class go?

Preston: Not too long ago, I was on the other side [as a student]. It so surreal how quickly things can turnaround. For me it was more exciting because I actually went to school for art education. That's what my background is in, teaching art and creative things. It was really fun to tap into what felt like I lost skill that I have.

What do you spend your days doing when you aren't decorating cookies?

Preston: Right now, I am in a sort of sales role with a group purchasing organization. We basically help nonprofit organizations safe money on their purchases.

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What interested you about cookie decorating?

Preston: I took a cookie decorating class at Level Up in August while I was on maternity leave. I honestly, just instantly fell in love with it. I was obsessed. I knew for years I had wanted to learn and I saw on social media these mesmerizing videos. And I always just thought that if I could learn the basic skills and have a recipe, I think that I could do it. 

I throw a lot parties – baby showers, birthday parties – and I pay a lot of money for these cookies. Why can't I do them myself? 

How did you turn your craft into a side hustle?

Preston: I started posting photos of my cookies on social media, because you post what you love, and everybody was just really receptive to it. I just had all these orders start flowing in and I didn't say no because I loved doing it. I was just really overwhelmed at first... I would go and make cookies for everyone I knew... It really just organically grew into what it is now. I'm still trying to figure out what that is. It's only been eight months that I've been doing this.

How do you juggle work, mommying and baking?

Preston: I'm doing a lot better now managing time and saying no when I need to. I get the kids to bed and I start making cookies. Often times I'm up until 3 am, but it's not a big deal because I love doing it. It's just been so fun!

As a woman, and a mom, you just need something that fulfills that creative void that you have. My company is amazing... but it's still not as a creative as I need it to be. So this is just exactly what I need to create that constant steady flow of creativity.

Everyone has it in them to create!

What was it like when you got the call from Level Up asking if you'd be interested in teaching?

It was super flattering. That was very surreal and so fun. It was just an automatic yes! 

Join Preston, aka Sweet June Bakery, in one of her upcoming classes:


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