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Teacher Profile: Maggie Keith, Director & Owner of Foxhollow Farm


The first in a four part series, Maggie Keith talks about how at 22-years-old her business plan and her mother's dream to heal the land have driven the mission behind Foxhollow Farms for the last 10 years, what drives her, and her philosophy in life.


A self-proclaimed farm girl, Maggie is a 4th generation steward of Foxhollow Farm. She is passionate about supporting farmers, providing the Louisville community with 100% grassfed beef and inviting folks out to Foxhollow's annual Fall Festival and concert series.

During the growing season, you’ll find her out in the garden and learning with the partner growers at Foxhollow Farm. Maggie is a graduate of the Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University and serves as a board member for Dare to Care Food Bank and Slow Food Bluegrass. You can also watch Maggie and her partner Lindsey on their Cooking show The Farmer And The Foodie. 

Be sure to check back on the blog next week for the second part of this series where Maggie talks about overcoming obstacles as a woman entrepreneur, monetizing her passion and why she has the best job in the world.

Videography: Chocolatebox Photography 

Natalia is the Founder and Chief of Happiness here at Level Up. Originally from Colombia but has called Louisville home for the last 17 years, her background is in Business Management and Marketing, but she has a passion for loving and investing in people and community. Natalia is also a wife and mother of two and the owner of ChocolateBox Photography, and Story Louisville in Louisville, KY.

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