Lauren Dahl

The Dahl House // Floral Watercolors

Hey, there! I'm Lauren, one of Level Up's watercolor instructors. Funny story, Natalia was actually the second shooter (wedding photographer) at my wedding years ago, and I'm so happy we were able to connect and that I later joined the Level Up team!

During the day, I'm an art teacher in the public school system teaching all grades kindergarten through fifth about the joys and history of art making. Outside of teaching I write home styling and organizing articles for Today's Woman

I live with my husband and two crazy boys. In my spare time I'm always down for trying a new recipe or a local restaurant, running (more like fast walking, I'm a super slow runner!), or obsessing about who's dating who on reality TV while eating late night Taco Bell. Not even ashamed. 

Teaching for Level Up has given me the opportunity to not only share my love for painting with the community, but it has given me numerous experiences of connecting with others out there simply gathering to try something new. 



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