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October 14th, 2020

Creative Louisville: Natalia Bishop – Level Up Lou

Natalia is another inspiring, entrepreneurial, creative woman doing interesting, engaging and downright fun things with her Level Up Louisville classes (stay tuned Lexington friends – she’s coming for ya!). This is one of the first Creative Louisville pieces I’ve done without knowing the subject personally, but after hearing my friend Courtney’s intro, I absolutely cannot wait to get to know her. Here’s what she had to say: “Just a little background on Natalia…she moved here from Colombia when she was 17, knowing only a few words of English, and worked 2-3 jobs at a time as she made her way through business school at UofL. She has two kids and is just one of the most amazing and inspiring people in Louisville. If I could give you three words for her, it would be sparkly, vibrant, friendly, kind, real, energetic, intuitive, effing fearless, and that’s more than three but that’s because she’s so awesome. Anyone can have a great idea but not everyone can take an idea and make it into a successful business, let alone three successful, debt-free businesses. AND she always takes time to help other people with their small businesses, to volunteer at school, in Butchertown and with Tuesdays Together. Plus she always looks like she stepped out of damn Pantene commercial, even at pre-school drop-off in the mornings when the rest of us look like Cathy from those old comics. ANYWAY…she’s a great human and I am so grateful to you for featuring her.”

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