Thank you so much for visiting our blog! I'm Natalia, Founder & Chief of Happiness here at Level Up. We are on a mission to connect, educate and inspire women to create something beautiful through our pop-up classes and blog. So grab a cup of your favorite drink, kick your feet up and get ready to Level Up with us!




October 14th, 2020

Level Up Cincinnati

From empowering tools and information, to learning and growing among likeminded and positive individuals, the forthcoming Level Up Cincinnati could help you take your life to the next level. A start-up with a positive outlook, Level Up is a company that provides pop-up style classes and private events with a goal to connect, educate, and inspire women in their communities. They strive to give back to their community by encouraging women of all ages to share their passion with others, connect in meaningful ways, and explore their own sense of curiosity. It was created by Natalia Bishop, Founder and Chief of Happiness, in June of 2016. Originally, it was started to bring more people to her co-working space, Story Louisville. But soon enough, it became a full-fledged company. Hannah Estes, Director of Marketing, says, “I came on in March 2017 and we’ve been growing at an amazing rate ever since.” The students can choose from a wide variety of classes, including cooking classes, arts and crafts, and even classes associated with wellness and business opportunities. Students have a blast learning new things and being together. Their goal as they continue their journey into new communities is to nourish relationships, and to highlight their local makers, creatives, and businesses and to spread a sense of accomplishment and motivation amongst their students.

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