The Art of Negotiation for Women

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Did you know that women looking to climb the corporate ladder can end up sacrificing nearly $2 million dollars in lost revenue over a lifetime due to the failure to negotiate. $2 MILLION DOLLARS! Do you know how many months of Netflix you would be missing out on? Carrie and Aimee do. That's why they want you to build the tools you need to succeed and become your own champion.

Spend the evening with the highly entertaining and very funny Carrie and Aimee as they dive into the research behind why women don't negotiate, take participants through a few fun negotiation exercises (no, really, they promise the activities will be fun), and encourage attendees to feel empowered to advocate for themselves - whether they're fighting for their next big raise or arguing with their 5-year-old about turning off the TV. Whether you've negotiated a thousand times before or never negotiated in your life, all are welcome!



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