Women's Mindset Collective Series: Negotiate Like A Boss

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A professional development series for women, by women.  Each class includes a detailed, thought-provoking workbook to help you implement the tactical and practical steps detailed in class to advance your communication and leadership skills.


Aimee Jewell + Carrie Syberg + Lenae Price (Women's Mindset Collective)


Old 502 Winery 

120 S 10th St, Louisville, KY 40202 (Directions) 


Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm

Jan. 8th            Cultivating Confidence

Jan. 22nd         Make Yourself Memorable

Feb. 5th            Conflict Management a.k.a. #hardtalk

Feb. 19th          Negotiate Like A Boss

Mar. 5th            Navigating Negativity

Mar. 19th          The Myth of Work-Life Balance




  1. Cultivating Confidence with Aimee Jewell - Jan 8th

Do you worry about perception? Nervous about coming on too strong? If these questions having you feeling less than authentic at work then this class is where your journey begins. Together we will explore where your confidence started, where it’s hiding, and how to reclaim it with purpose.


  1. Make Yourself Memorable with Aimee Jewell - Jan 22nd

What’s your story and how are you sharing it? Together we will hone in on your personal brand and show you how to make your first impression your best impression, leading to lasting professional relationships.


  1. Conflict Management a.k.a. #hardtalk with Lenae Price - Feb 5th

Find yourself ruminating on all the things you didn’t say? Is passive-aggressive your universal office language? If you find yourself in the middle of others co-workers drama and justifying avoidance as “picking your battles” then think again, sister! Learn how to navigate tough conversations and master the art of #hardtalk.


  1. Negotiate Like a Boss with Carrie Syberg - Feb 19th

If you find yourself wasting away wondering why you haven’t gotten a raise or been given the lead on a major project then this class has your name on it. Here we will explore what it means to set work expectations and advocate for yourself because the hard truth is that no one else is going to do it for you.


  1. Navigating Negativity with Carrie Syberg - Mar 5th

Struggling with negativity at home or in the workplace? Feeling bogged down by competitiveness and the female dynamic? Learn the foundations of emotional agility, resiliency, and trust to ultimately break down the negativity in your life.


  1. The Myth of Work-Life Balance with Lenae Price - Mar 19th

Are you feeling burnt out? Wishing you had more time for yourself? Learn practical tips for letting go of the phantom idea of “work-life balance” to ultimately create your most fulfilling life.




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