Maiden September

Marie Coleman-Johns

Teaching since Jul 2020


Hi, I'm Marie! I'm a calligrapher and the owner of Maiden September -- a calligraphy studio based out of Newark, Delaware. I've been doing modern calligraphy since Feb 2017 -- though technically I received my first calligraphy set for Christmas when I was in 7th or 8th grade.

I specialize in pointed pen calligraphy (also referred to as "dip pen" or "pen and ink" calligraphy). I work primarily with bridal and individual clients, as well as teach workshops, and do live-lettering events for brands and local businesses.

Outside of my love for all things calligraphy, I am a fur mom to three cats and two dogs, wifey to one husband, and lifelong taco enthusiast. I love being outdoors -- be it kayaking, biking, or visiting local state parks.

I love connecting with art and craft lovers of all varieties and levels. Thanks for stopping by!


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